Company History

We’re Committed to Serving You

Hotel Furniture Outlet (HFO) was started by John and Helen Wiersma in 2003. But the business idea started when they had opened a store in Phoenix, Arizona to service the liquidation needs of large hotels and resorts in the Southwest states. They transitioned this unique business idea when they relocated to Holland, MI and opened the store you currently see. Today, HFO is locally owned by one of the Wiersma’s sons, Don, and two other investors. In the past few years, the store has expanded its inventory and outlook, showcasing the potential of recycled and re-purposed furniture. As well as adding new furniture from Brill Seating Inc, a leader in new, stylish, up to date and unique furniture built for the rigors of commercial usage.

From assisted living facilities and independently owned hotels to rental properties and private homes, we are an accessible provider of quality home furnishings to a broad customer base. If you are looking to buy or simply curious, we would be happy to host you!