What exactly does The Furniture Outlet do?

Our business has two parts: liquidations and retail outlet. When hotels, resorts, and other hospitality-based businesses need to change out their furniture, they call a company like us to take away what they have and install the new pieces. Those used pieces we process, organize, display, and sell in our store in Holland, MI. We also carry new items, such as dining and pub sets, Serta mattress sets, Lady Americana mattress sets, and custom made soft-seating furniture by The Brill Seating Company. For more information, please check out our “About the Store” page.

Are there that many hotels in Michigan that have to change out their furniture?

Believe it or not, there are! But we have also liquidated hotels and resorts in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. We’re regionally active in the liquidation business.

Who buys furniture from you?

In the past we have served assisted living facilities, independent hotels and motels (both Michigan and out of state), local bed and breakfasts, rental properties, college dorms, restaurants and cafes, youth group centers, churches…and individual customer homes! One of our most exciting and challenging projects was working with The Bojo Beach Resort, in Ghana West Africa. Their website is here: http://www.bojobeachresort.com/

What new items do you carry? How often do you get them in?

We receive our new mattresses generally on a weekly basis. Our bed frames and dining sets we get roughly every two weeks, while Brill comes in about once a month. Below is a general list of new items that we typically have in the store:

  • Dinette and pub sets
  • Serta mattresses and box springs (hotel-grade)
  • Corsicana mattresses and box springs (residential)
  • Padded headboards
  • Soft-seating items: sofas, sectionals, lounge chairs, sleeper sofas, ottomans

Do you deliver? What are the fees?

Yes, we deliver. There are many different factors that go into the cost for delivery. Please give us a call for more information on getting your furniture delivered.

Who is Brill Seating?

Brill Seating is a company based in Elkhart, Indiana and they provide HFO with the majority of our new soft-seating furniture. They specialize in commercial-grade fabrics and furniture designed specifically for long-term use in churches, business offices, lobbies and college dorms. We get special pricing  on the furniture they use in photo shoots and receive in cancelled orders and overstocks, which is why we can offer them at great prices to you! For more information on Brill, click on the following link to their website: http://brillseating.com/. To see what we currently have, refer to the “New Sofas” page of our website.

What brands of new mattresses do you carry?

We carry three brands of new mattresses at TFO: Serta, Lady Americana and Corsicana. Our Serta’s are hotel-grade and similar to what you sleep on in Crowne Plaza, Hilton, and Marriot hotels. Read additional information on the benefits to buying a new Serta mattress through us on this page of our site. Corsicana is our residential-grade mattress provider. They are a great value for guest bedrooms and bunk beds. Learn more by checking out their website: http://www.corsicanabedding.com/.

How often does used hotel furniture come into the store?

Honestly, there is no rhyme or reason in terms of when we get furniture! Items come in weekly, but we tend to do most of our liquidations in the fall (September through March), when hotels have less occupants and can afford to switch their furniture. So, if you rent a condo or are a manager for an independent motel, fall and spring is your time to shop!

Isn’t it illegal to re-sell used mattresses?

Rest assured that we are not part of an underground used mattress trade! It is perfectly legal to advertise and sell used mattresses. It becomes illegal if we were to take parts of different used mattresses, put them together, and advertise it as a “new” mattress.

How can I be assured that TFO’s used mattresses are safe to sleep on?

When we sell used mattresses in the store, we always make sure to mention a few key things:

  • We only take mattresses from 4- and 5-star hotels and resorts who have a clean history in terms of insects.
  • We conduct a careful inspection of the location before we liquidate to ensure that there are no insects present.

How often do you get used mattress shipments in?

On average, we get a new shipment of mattresses every few months. We make sure to indicate when we get a new shipment in on our website, so if you’re waiting for a certain size, please be patient! You can also call us at the store to see if we have what you are looking for.

What types of used mattresses do you get?

In the past we have gotten Sealy, Serta, Lady Americana, and Beauty Rest mattresses. We tend to get the following sizes:

  • XL Full (53 inches wide x 80 inches long)
    • Please note that this is 5 inches longer from Std Full, which is what most people have in their homes.
  • Queen (60 inches wide x 80 inches long)
  • Eastern King (76 inches wide x 80 inches long)
  • Hotel King (72 inches wide x 80 inches long)

We seldom get twin sets because hotels usually do not have twin beds.

What is your return policy?

Before making your final purchases, please take the following into consideration:

Used Items

  • There are absolutely no returns on used mattresses, box springs, and sets once they are taken from the store.
  • For other used items, we can usually exchange out the piece for one just like it (if it is still in stock).
  • Otherwise, we provide an in-store credit for the amount of the item returned.

New Items

  • We deal with returns of new furniture and mattresses on a case-by-case basis.